July 11, Little Big Town charity motorcycle ride, Nashville-Columbia, TN Three words, int—er—state!!

So I wake up Sunday morning in the parking lot in Downtown Nashville as always, slightly groggy and late after the rest of the band guys have already headed home. Randy (my boss) says, “you wanna do this charity bike ride??” I weighed my other option, which was go to the house, do laundry, pay bills, try to come off three nights of adrenaline and act like a functional adult. Of course that didn’t sound too enticing, so I said yes. We saddled up to ride the 40 or so miles down to the Harley dealership in Columbia, Tennessee where a large stage was set up and a variety of more or less known country acts were waiting to perform. About 200 motorcycles or more slowly rolled out of downtown. For most of the ride we never did more than 30 miles an hour. It was torture in the TN heat. I would rather be stuck in L.A rush hour traffic any day. Big props to one of the most talented acts in any genre of music, Little Big Town for organizing that, but next time 90 miles an hour on the interstate is the key to all of our happiness


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