July 3, Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada, Where are the fucking Lingonberries???

Look at this glorious plate of meatballs!!! . I mean look at it, served with small summery potatoes. If you are from Sweden, this is the shit, to put it in plain French.  I did not expect this in rural Canada, I mean they know what to do with healthcare, they are multi lingual in some cases, they have given us Bryan Adams and Pam Anderson, but this was indeed a pleasant surprise on top of all that. Of course, since I usually prefer to see the glass as half full, I spent a good minute enjoying this sight, but then the dark side swiftly took over. “Where are the fucking Lingonberries?” I thought to myself. (This is the sugary goo/compote served with this course traditionally back in the vikingland.) It is not too different from Cranberries here in the States. When I was a kid I ate so much of it as a condiment to all kinds of foods, which created some strange food combinations and made me seriously chubby. The plate of wannabe Swedish meatballs brightened up a somewhat strange festival with moody weather however. We had fun on stage as always. It takes a lot for that not too happen. For all my bass player friends, my rental rig that day was a Mark Bass. Too put it mildly, I have never played through a bigger freshly steaming pile of shit in my entire life! No lows, no real highs, just a lot of midrange punch that wasn’t even that clean.  I mean how does that happen, with two 410’s and an 800 watt head?? I’d like to think one of my skills in life is the ability to EQ the living fuck out of a bass rig, but there was no winning with this waste of space. Whew!! I am happy to have that off my shoulders. That is an official anti endorsement..lol.

Postat av: Tobbe

Hahaha! At least you got a strawberry!! Swedish meatballs with a Canadian twist...

2010-08-08 @ 22:21:19
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