July 7-10, Massachusetts, Michigan, Ohio, Endless bus rides

I love the tour bus, always have, I probably always will. I like the way I sleep with a diesel engine under me and I like visiting questionably truck stops in nowhere, USA to find fashion so bad it’s good. My favorite place however is the captain’s chair (PIc 1) next to the driver (who in our case has driven AC/DC, Def Leppard, Poison, Bon Jovi, Beck, Meat Loaf…etc) whose stories are better than any TV reality show while looking though the large windshield of the bus at America rushing by. This chair has lots of automated functions to get so comfortable that you basically could hibernate there for an entire season….it NEVER gets old, except when you have two 20 hour bus rides back to back. I am not kidding. This run was almost long enough for us to fly but we were on the bus. I survived. The first tour stop was Springfield, MA where I used the stairs of the arena to work out on. The never ending quest to create an ass for myself never ends really. Of course while the south was hot always, the east coast was experiencing a heat wave, so venturing outside was not an option.

Traverse City Michigan was unbelievable. With a short summer and some amazing beaches, the town was at its peak when we rolled in. The view from stage was beyond pleasant (Pic3). After the heat wave we just left behind, it felt like playing in northern California with the pine trees and the clear blue water. It is soo far north that the bus driver’s GPS originally routed us through Canada just to get there.

The next day we were in Ohio. We got to enjoy the righteous country singing onf Joe Diffie…this shot is of him (Pic4), his band and the crowd during one of the few songs involving a pickup truck that doesn’t make me throw up. As a matter of fact I really like it. “Pickup Man”. All is good.


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