June 19-21, Saginaw, Michigan. Chicago, Illinois. Country?? Nah. City?? hells yes!

Early summer evening with bright clear sky that you never see in the south. Reminds me of Sweden when I am in the upper midwest, it always does. . We finished the festival early in Saginaw and headed west toward a lake house 80 miles away for two days off. . I can appreciate some ski doos and a small lake, but I am a city man at heart so I rolled out the bike from the trailer and headed to Chicago where my buddy Jim from the Buffett band had a suite at the Ritz Carlton. I don’t think the front desk staff there is used to rained out, wet bikers with dead bugs all over their face….I quite enjoyed the whole scenario. Walked along the lakeshore, shopped and did some inner city riding. In the middle of the night 36 hours later the tour bus came through to swallow me and the bike in downtown Chicago like a hungry monster.


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